High Quality coil compression spring for industry use

Compression spring is under the pressure of the spiral spring, for the material, as usual it is round wire steel, Sure also are rectangle and multi-strand steel rolled a travelling. As usual, spring’s pitch are in the same size. Shape of the compression spring are: cylindrical, conical, convex and concave and a few very special shape, compression spring there is a certain gap between circle and circle, when under external load spring contraction deformation, deformation energy storage. The compression spring features Compression Springs to provide resistance to the external load pressure. The compression spring is generally a wire with equal pitch coiling and a fixed wire diameter.The compression spring uses multiple open coils to load a wheel with gravity, or the body against a mattress to provide resistance. It means that they push back against external pressures. The compression spring is generally a wire with equal pitch coiling and a fixed wire diameter. In addition, there are conical compression springs, or conical and linear combinations of springs.

Depending on the different application, the compression spring can be used to resist pressure or store energy. The circular wire is the most commonly used compression spring, but there are also some compression springs made from square, rectangular, and specially shaped wires. G = shear modulus [MPA, PSI] (G value is: steel wire 8000, stainless steel 7200) D = wire diameter [mm, in] , n\N = active coils[-]  d = center diameter [mm, in] k = spring coefficient [N/mm, lb/in]  This formula is the calculation formula of spring stiffness, stiffness times working stroke is equal to the working force of this spring. From the above formula, it can be concluded that the parameters of the compression spring must be composed of: material, wire diameter, center diameter, active coils, total length of spring, working height and required strength. If there is no special requirement for the strength of the spring, the working height of the spring and the required strength parameters may not be provided.

MATERIAL: Stainless steel, Carbon steel(SWC), Alloy steel SEA9260/9254/6150/SUP9/SUP10/SUP12, 50CrV4, 60Si2Mn, 55Crsi,
Music wire/piano wire(SWP), Beryllium copper etc.
WIRE DIAMETER: 0.05-65mm
FINISH: Zinc, Chrome, Nickel, Silver, Gold, Tin, Powder coating, Oxide black or customzied
PROCESSING: Material purchased-Producing-First Testing-Coiling-Inspection-Heat Treatment-Cleaning
-Surface Treatment-Final Testing-Packing-Shipping
APPLICATION: Industrial/Auto/Motorcycle/Electronics/Electric Power/Toys/Sports/Machinery Equipment etc.
PAYMENT TERM: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, cash
EQUIPMENT: Advanced CNC spring machines with high precision and efficiency, advanced heat treatment and
testing machine equipment
PACKING: Inner packing with plastic bags, export carton for outer packing, wooden or plastic pallets for request
SHIPMENT By sea/air/DHL/TNT/UPS/Fedex etc
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